PROGRESS: The Game of Leaders

$888.00 SGD

Fine Art Wooden Sculpture by Sam Lo. Limited edition of 10; numbered, signed and embossed for authentication. Made in Australia, 2017.

This table-top interactive wooden sculpture debuted at Sam's 'For Better, For Worse' (2017) solo show in Melbourne, curated by Pegasos5. It was adapted as a life-size installation for Melbourne Festival 2017, Singapore Art Week 2018, and Art Central Hong Kong 2018.

Adapted from the game of Jenga to reflect a first world city, each block characterises a trait of a developed nation. With each block you progress, building a taller tower at every turn until eventually it falls- for every state is but a temporary one, demonstrating cause and effect.

Pieces are bubble-wrapped and ready to be shipped.
What's included: 1x wooden box, 1x lid, 72 wooden pieces